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The National Health Service – the NHS in the UK – was established in 1948 as a healthcare system funded by the public. More information can be found in Alternative Health Directory.

In most cases, the NHS in the UK is able to give medical help to their patients for free, but there are some services they have to charge for. The NHS is controlled by the Department of Health and the UK Government. Through the years, the NHS, along with the UK government has been striving to help and support their patients better.

The NHS in the UK gets its funds from the taxes of the citizens of the UK. They also ask their patients to pay for prescription of medication (unless they are children or senior citizens). Dentistry is also one of the services patients have to pay for.

The NHS has massive manpower; in fact, almost all of the nurses and doctors of the UK work for this organization. Back in 2005, the full-time staff of the NHS was roughly around 980,000. The mode of treatment of the NHS is western or conventional.

Nowadays, people use other medications to treat themselves. There are other doctors or therapists who do not use conventional methods on their patients; they use complementary therapy or herbal medicines. Visit the Alternative Health Directory for more information on different holistic or alternative treatments patients use.